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TRIALS...... everything you need to know.....


A trial is certainly advisable. It is a chance to not only meet and get to know your hairdresser and make up artist that will be looking after you at your wedding, but it also gives you an opportunity to try the look you may have chosen for your wedding day.

If you haven’t chosen or can’t decide, myself or my experienced team will be there to offer you advice and guidance.

We will carefully listen to your requests and offer advise when needed. It is a great idea to bring along inspirational photos or ideas and to discuss them with your artists.

Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback at your trial, as your input is a very important step to guide us in providing a look that is perfect for you.

test the products

It is also a good opportunity to test the products, particularly if you do have sensitive skin. Our team all use professional quality products, however each skin is individual. Please advise if you have any allergies or sensitivities prior to your trial.

Trial Times & Availability

A hair and make up trial can take up to 2 hours as time is taken to discuss your colour themes and styles of your wedding.

You also need time to communicate to your hairdresser and make up artist your desires and preferences.

Of course the artists that performs your trial will be the ones that attend to you on your wedding day.


We generally recommend arranging a trial within a month of making your initial booking so you can confirm and lock in your artists. Please contact us for our Terms and Conditions.


Most frequent questions and answers

In most cases it is only the Bride who will have a trial, however Bridesmaids are more than welcome to book a trial if they wish.  

Please advise if this is happening when you book your trial so we can allocate enough time.  

Price for the trial is per person.  

We are happy to do a trial on a weekend however, we need to work around weddings already booked and there is a chance that we may have to reschedule at the last minute if we get a late wedding booking or emergency back up is needed.

We give our brides PRIORITY and of course you will have the same commitment on your special day.

For some of us Week Days are ideal for a trial, giving more flexibility,  but not always ideal for others. We will do our best to arrange a suitable day and time that suits us all..

At the completion of your trial, you will need to confirm your numbers with your artist or the office within 7 days.  All other details of the location and time that you need to be ready by should also be given to your artists.

Please contact us for our information page  “Things You Need to Know”  

In the unlikely event, such as extreme illness, accident or emergency, I will endeavour to source an experienced replacement for your hairdresser or make up artist.

We have a wonderful team of caring individuals who will make every effort to ensure any emergencies are covered.