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HAIRSTYLING...... everything you need to know.....


When you are looking for a Wedding Hair Style and you have no idea what to choose, keep in mind how you usually wear your hair and what you think suits you already and try and build from that.

Search for similar styles on the internet to give you some further ideas. When you see your hairstylist for your trial, they can also assist you with what suits your face shape and also what will compliment your dress. They will look at the style you have chosen and check the suitability of your hair for that style.

Sometimes, if there is not enough hair, extensions can be used to fill out the hairstyle and add length and volume.


What if its windy? What if it is humid? If you are considering wearing your hair down, (and we love hair down) try to consider what will happen with certain weather conditions.

If you have the kind of hair that gets frizzy in humidity then an up style could be the way for you to go. Same if your hair is renowned for not holding curls. Is your hair going to be limp and lifeless with a down style after a few hours? Is an up style too formal for your dress style?

All of this should be considered when choosing your style. Your professionals can help you with that.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our experienced stylists can help you with this. They will add the right products to enhance and hold your style and give your hairstyle as much support as possible to last all the night.  They may suggest an upstyle if the weather is particularly damp.  

Your Professional will help you choose a style that suits your face shape and your dress.

All our hair stylists are all fully trained in all aspects of Wedding Hair Styling and can provide all genres including Vintage, Romantic, Classic and Contemporary and anything in between.

We would prefer your hair not to be oily and preferably not freshly washed.  The night before is perfect however if you have very oily fine hair, wash it that morning with no conditioner and dry thoroughly.  

Do not use an oil products in your hair. eg. Argan Oil.  Or any other heavy products.  Your stylist will add products they need to optimise your style.

If your hair is thick but oily, wash it twice thoroughly and condtion only the ends to ensure oil removal.

Speak to your hairdresser at your trial for any specific instructions for your hair.

Don’t despair.  In most cases hair extensions can be used to extend the length or add thickness.
You can have a free consultation with Tanya to discuss your needs.  Your extensions can be permanent or clip ins.  Tanya is a qualified  Hair Extensionist and can provide you with quality human hair extensions that will make your style perfect.
Colour matching is a must and can also be done by Tanya.