Hair and Make Up by Megan

Hello, my name is Megan, Hairdresser and Makeup artist with over 20 years’ experience nationally and internationally in the hair and beauty industry. But more important than my qualification is my obsession!

My obsession? How to achieve the Lit-From-Within glow – that luminosity happy healthy hair and skin projects – the dining by candlelight attractiveness – the flawless complexion and shiny hair that we all strive for, especially on the most important day on a girls calendar!

Looking forward to spending some time with you to create your perfect Hair and/or Make Up look..


hairdresser / Make up artist

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The styles pictured are some of previous work by Megan and chosen or requested by the client.  

With Megan’s extensive training and experience, she is able to offer almost any Hair or Make Up Style you require and she is not limited to what you see pictured.


Hair by Megan

Make Up by Megan

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