HAIR EXTENSIONS…   Why would you use them and what kind do I need?

So you are trying to choose an amazing hairstyle and you have your heart set on something but you just don’t have enough hair to pull it off?


It may be still possible to achieve this with hair extensions.

Hair Extensions can add that extra fullness and length so you can have that dream hairstyle.  You definitely need to have real human hair extensions so your stylists can curl and style the extensions like your own hair and incorporate them into your hairstyle.


What kinds are there?

Tanya is a fully qualified to apply all kinds of extensions.  She is currently offering clip ins, micro bead, micro bead weft, tape and fusion.   Tanya can give you a recommendation of what will work best for you.  Clip Ins are a temporary addition where the other types are semi permanent and require maintenance or removal.  Tanya will fully explain all the pros and cons of all the types at your free consultation.


Free Consultation and Quote

If you want your extensions to be a perfect match you can have a free consultation with Tanya at her studio.  She will be inspecting your length, thickness, colour and texture of your own hair and looking at the style you want for your wedding and will give you a recommendation for what you need to achieve your style.  If required, she will personally colour and style the extensions to suit your requirements to give you a perfect colour match.


You can bring your own extensions you already have for our stylists to add but as we can’t make any guarantees of how they will look or how they will match.  Synthetic extensions can not be used and will melt with the hot tools so ensure they are real human hair.  No responsibility taken.

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Hair Extensions for Extra Length and Thickness